Dakhla, which only 10 years ago was a relatively unknown destination, has today become one of the leading kitesurf spots in the world. This is primarily due to its incredible beauty, average temperature above 20 °C and strong, consistent wind 365 days a year. Because of this, each year a world championship event on the PKRA kiteboarding tour is hosted in this heavenly spot.

Dakhla, known as Villa Cisneros when occupied by the Spanish, is located on the Atlantic coast of Morocco, bordering with Mauritania. Itis a small peninsula on the edge of a turquoise lagoon, surrounded by amazing sand dunes, at the entrance of the desert. Nature and sport, a perfect combination to make your holidays unforgettable!!.


The Northerly wind blows daily, starting in the morning and reaching its full strength in the afternoon. The average wind strength is 15 to 25 knots throughout the year with the exception of the summer months (July-August) where the wind is slightly stronger. During the winter months (Nov-Feb) we recommend taking a bigger kite, around 12m2.

Water and air temperature

From April to October the air temperature is approximately 26°C during the day and 20°C at night. The water temperature is about 22°C, so a shorty wet suit would be enough. From November to March the air temperature is about 23°C during the day and 16°C at night on average. The water temperature is around 18°C therefore we recommend to take a full suit of about 3/2.

Practical Guide


    A passport valid for at least three months from the date of entry is required. No visa is required for citizens coming from the European Union.


    The official language is Arabic although hotels and water sports centers have staff who speak different languages: English, Spanish, French…


    The dirham (MAD) is the currency of Morocco.


    All hotels accept payment in cash (€ or dirhams) or credit / debit card (except AMEX).


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